Driving Experience, adventure driving, driving technique training.

These events are the main strengths of Drive-X Sport. In addition to driving our sports cars, if you're looking for a hands-on experience with a professional instructor, we're the place to go. In addition to these, there's the so-called "reality", where we pay special attention to what can happen in real life, under real conditions. A deer jumps out at you, what do you do? An unexpected obstacle comes into the road, can you avoid it at higher speed? How dangerous is it to write a message from behind the wheel? All these questions are answered by our experienced trainers during our driving technique training.

Drive-X Sport: more than just racing!


Driving Experience in a competitive environment

Drive on one of the world's most popular Formula 1 circuits or test your skills in our technical rally rounds, accelerate where planes fly up and down DRX SPORT's own tarmac and get your adrenaline pumping, give yourself or a loved one a lasting experience!


Not a single Hungarian needs to be introduced to this track, which has put our country on the international motorsport map since 1986, and which Formula 1 drivers also call exceptional, one of their most anticipated races! The experience is guaranteed, the most modern circuit available, even for you! Experience what the drivers do for a few laps!

4,4 km



No time to rest here! You can go around the smaller track in Örkényi, from corner to corner, but still at surprising speeds. If you like curves and the sound of squealing rubber, this is the place for you!

2,75 km


DRX Ring

You can take over private jet territory for a while! The circular runway at Kisunlachaza airport is a perfect way to get to the limits of your car and yourself with minimal risk! A unique venue where you can race on tarmac, team up on a rally track and fly, all within the bonds of Drx sport! Choose our home track to discover your driving knowledge.

2,2 km



The track is located in the immediate vicinity of Dunaszerdahely, a very tricky, rhythmic track with no shortage of long, wide straights, where you can test the skills of our cars in every situation!

5,9 km



The 1km circuit is a great way to experience the rally experience with faster corners and technical switchbacks. Come and test your driving skills!

1 km



A brand new 1 km long race track with narrower than average corners is a highlight of the DRX range! A tricky track, perfect for honing your driving technique!

1 km


Not just an experience, but also a lifetime of driving knowledge!

We take pride in our profession, because we know how much a few minutes spent in professional conditions can mean in a 1-1 traffic situation, whether it is in one of our driving courses or in one of our driving experience programmes!









What we guarantee to you after a DRX Driving DAY?

t DRX Sport, we believe it is important that our guests not only drive luxury cars and muscle cars, but are mentored by professionals who have proven their driving skills in a competitive environment. That's why every driving session is led by experienced instructors who help ensure maximum safety and satisfaction. This gives you the opportunity to drive premium cars safely on official racetracks with huge amounts of adrenaline.

Our experience programmes are subject to registration, so all bookings are subject to an appointment, which can be made on our website or by calling our team!


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