Experience management. Its in the name, you will have an experience, and not a slight one. You will definitely have a great experience with us if you have fuel pumping through your veins, an exhaust was your trademark growing up, and if you’re simple fan of sports cars.

Our locations:

Hungaroring (Mogyoród): 4381 meter long track complying with the highest safety requirements - Formula 1 races are also organized on it.  (As much as you’d like to circle the Hungaroring, there are plenty more surprises awaiting you.)

Euro-Ring (Örkény): The track is mostly used for testing.   The total length is 2750 metres, from which the home-stretch is 330 metres long.  The track is more technical than fast, and for this reason there is no room for any lack of attention from the driver.

DRX Ring (Kiskunlacháza): Our own track, the DRX-ring is 2 kilometres wide,  full of straight and fast turns. The track is suitable for speed, so if you choose this area you can part-take in a speed race.



If this is the activity of your choice, then you are definitely guaranteed a perma-smile on your face.  We have never encountered anyone, who left this activity, with that not being the case.


In this event we pull you back to earth for a second. Elk test, emergency braking, fast paced barrier evasion and texting while driving.  We put a major emphasis on safe transportation/driving, and for this reason we created the driving technique training.  Who ever has a drivers license is highly recommended to take this training session.  In this program you will not only get a personal training session, but also after this your driving skills will not only improve for the better, but they will also be enhanced with other skills and knowledge that you never had before  from just your basic drivers training.  This will be beneficial making you a safer driver on the public roads in the future.



Do you find it difficult for people to gravitate towards you?  You need to ease up and loosen up a little bit?  If you find yourself answering yes to these questions, then we have a solution for you.  Come see us for a team building training session for example the Formula BMW tire rotation, the Lotus Super Seven slalom race,  ATV-ing – naturally you will get the opportunity to try out one of the Sports Vehicles.  If to some degree this does not satisfy your needs, then here is the cherry on the cake.  What this entails is that you get the opportunity to experience sitting beside a professional skilled instructor as a passenger, to experience the G-force of hardcore twists and turns.



You’re planning a work outing, but you don’t have the slightest clue how to get there?  You’d simply like to just detach and not worry about the details?  You have a presentation planned  and you’re looking for a venue to hold it in?  Well, look no further.  You have found the perfect venue!  Our VIP Bus comes with many many features, beginning with a full serving kitchenette – in which you can find a stove/oven, fridge, freezer, beer tap, and many other extras.  If you require serving staff, then that can be provided as well.  It can provide comfort and enjoyment for up to 28 persons.  In addition to the VIP Bus, a 138 Square foot tent can be provided, under which you can have a small gathering/party outdoors and off the bus.  Getting soaked by rain will not be an option!  Please contact us for individual offers, because we are here to help you no matter what your needs are.