We are the Drive-X Sport. If for whatever reason you still don’t know what our business entails, then pay close attention! Our team for the past 10 years, from spring to summer, day to day have been tirelessly working on making the average person receive the experience of a sports vehicle, a race car, a thrill ride or just a thrilling experience. Since the prices of these types of vehicles that can provide this experience are sky high, we will provide a professional skilled instructor who not only knows the vehicle inside and out, but can give safety driving pointers to the thrill seeker.

Who are they exactly?

Norbert Nagy, ETCC (Auto Tour European Cup) silver and bronze medalist; WTCR scorer

Ifj. Ferencz Ficza; WTCCscorer, TCR podium finisher), numerous Hungarian Championships winner BalazsSzentpeteri-Horvath; the Nissan GT Academy finalist

Balazs Szentpeteri-Horvath; the Nissan GT Academy finalist

Mate Benyo; European Swift Cup bronze medalist and Hungarian Rallycross Champion

Tamas Ronai; 2 time Renault Formula Cup winner, and FIA Central European Champion

Gergo Fodor and Attila Kiss whom are very familiar with a 500 horse powered vehicle in the midst.

The thrill seekers, no matter what their package choice will not only be introduced to a once in a lifetime experience of driving an expensive machine, but will take with them the skills to make them better and safer drivers out in the real world. For this reason we provide the above mentioned Driving Technique Training provided by knowledgeable and skilled professional instructors.